CDO Program

FASD Certified District Officials Program

The CDO program is open to all Governing Board Officials from Special Districts in Florida.  The CDO designation requires the completion of 25 hours of training in the educational components, or subjects, as noted below.  These educational components are offered at various FASD Meetings and at the Annual Conference.

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Component/Subject Areas Hours Required
Board Relations with District Manager and Staff 4
Contract Management 2
Public Relations 2
Strategic Planning 4
Intergovernmental Affairs/Agreements 2
Financial Management and Audits 2
The Legislative Process 2
Election, Ethics, and Sunshine Law 4
How to Conduct a Board Meeting and Governance 2
Special Districts Program 1
Total 25


An interested Governing Board Official should register for the program, see registration link below. Any current Governing Board Official from a Florida Special District is eligible. Once the Governing Board Official completes the required hours in each of the above components they will make application for the CDO designation. The application will be submitted to the CDM Steering Committee Chair.  The Chair will send the application to one or more Steering Committee members to review ensure that the educational requirements have been met.  Once this takes place, if the Governing Board Official meets the qualifications, their name will be submitted to the FASD Board for final approval.  Once the FASD Board takes final action on the recommendation, the Candidate will receive a certificate from the FASD as a Certified District Official (CDO).  The CDO will be entitled to all the rights and privileges according to that title, including the right to place CDO after their name as an indication of their credentials and accomplishment.

CDO Program Description  ●  CDO Registration Form

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