Education Overview

The Florida Special Districts are a vital component of Florida’s Local Government System and our association is imperative to the growth of knowledge within the leadership of the special districts network.  FASD delivers high quality educational and development programs, which serve to build strong management skills at all levels of the special district network.

Annual Conference
Annually we hold a three-day conference, which brings together the membership from around the state to share experiences and knowledge with their peers. The association leadership locates high quality speakers and presenters for general and breakout sessions.  The programs include subjects such as legal requirements, sunshine laws, economical challenges, environment, emergency management, and homeland security to name just a few. Our focus is on what you need to achieve high standards within your special district.

Membership Meetings
Each quarter FASD brings members together for a Membership Focus Meeting.  These meetings focus on special topics that are important for many members in their special districts.  We recruit high-level speakers to offer solutions to members challenges. Finding solutions within your own membership comes from the outstanding network opportunities offered at these meetings.

FASD/FSU Certified District Manager Program
The purpose of this education program is to ensure that district managers comply with the Florida Statutes governing special districts. Core subjects special district staff are presented in the program, followed by a written project. Successful graduates are recognized and awarded their certification each year at the FASD Annual Conference in June.

FASD Certified District Officials Program
The Certified District Officials (CDO) Program is offered through the Florida Association of Special Districts.  The CDO program is open to all Elected Officials from Special Districts in Florida.  The CDO designation requires the completion of 25 hours of training in the educational components, or subjects, as noted below.  These educational components are offered at various FASD Meetings and at the Annual Conference.

Education Committee:

Mary Hickey, Chair
Sanibel Fire and Rescue District

Becky Bronsdon
North Collier Fire & Rescue District

Joe DeCerbo
Spring Lake Improvement District

Rita Greenberg
North Collier Fire & Rescue District

Joyce Hertel
Fellsmere Water Control District